Monday, November 15, 2010

A Month of Thanks

A blog I have read for the past two years is doing a terrific blog about what she is Thankful for. What a great idea I thought. So in the spirit of this month and my continued effort to give thanks to those around me, I think it would be great if everyday all of those who read, glance, come to my website would write something they are thankful for. One item per day. Let's see how many we posts we can get for one blog!! I have opened my blog to Anonymous blog friends too! I will start first:

November 1st-My husband. Without him I truly would be very alone.

November 2nd-My children. Despite many family members being against us having 5. I am truly blessed at what God has given me each and every day.

November 3rd-For my girl scout troop and their parents. It's a good feeling knowing that together we are making a difference in their lives. Giving them the tools they need to become successful, strong (woman) leaders of tomorrow.

November 4th-Best Friends. Even though I can't say I have a best "girl friend" I can say that my husband is my best friend. Super lucky to have him.

November 5th-Birthdays. It gives us the chance to remind ourselves how special we are to be here. Especially our children's birthdays. Its one day we can spend looking back at how miraculous that day was and how special it is to have them with us. Even if they might not be here, we can truly remember them.

November 6th-Patience. Sometimes this is a hard thing to come by. But I know that if I am patient and with prayer, comes many opportunities.

November 7th-God! Because sometimes I just wonder how I have managed to get through some of the most worse times in my life. And then I am reminded, its because of HIM!

November 8th-Grandparents. They are so important in our kiddos lives. It makes me sad that my husbands dad doesn't want to take this roll seriously. But my kiddos have some fantastic grandparents in Maine!! :-)

November 9th-Modern technology. I don't know how we would survive (especially the kids) not being able to talk and skype with my sister and nephew when they move to S. Korea next week.

November 10th-My Hubby, for letting me take part in anything and everything that I want to do in life and always being there to help out in anyway.

November 11th-Anabelle! It might have been the roughest year I have ever gone through in my entire life, but honestly, she made me a better person. Though sometimes I forget how lucky I am in life, I am reminded at how lucky I was to have her in my life.

November 12th-The ability to surprise my sister and nephew before the move to South Korea. The look on their face was completely worth it!!

November 13th-Visiting family!

November 14th-Thankful that God, Anabelle and Jason's mom were all watching us yesterday. Because if Jason had a reason to speed up, we would have been in the worse accident ever on the road coming home yesterday. Still trying to recover from that. Even more thankful the kids didn't see it.

November 15th-Seseme Street. Sometimes mommy just needs that hour to get the house cleaned, laundry done, and important phone calls and emails out of the way.

November 16th-Beautiful Weather in NOVEMBER!! Usually its freezing, cold, snowy or rainy weather at this time and for us to have an extra week of spring like weather with temps to match. AWESOME!!!!

November 17th-My sister and nephew making it half way around the world to South Korea safely. HURRAY!!!

November 18th-Meeting new friends! I have lived here in RI on and off for 11 years. Including my 4 years in Boston. I can honestly say that after living here in Johnston, RI for the last 5, I am finally making some wonderful friends and truly getting active in the community. Sometimes the thought of moving away from here makes me very sad.


  1. i missed the first few days so here are 5 things i am thankful for:
    1) Greg and his warm nurturing self. I love to watch him with Madison
    2)Madison. she has changed my life, my outlook...
    3) my crazy family.
    4)our situation that allows me to be home with Madison
    5) our house. there is a lot of love here

  2. 11/6
    i am thankful for heat on chilly autumn mornings. so many of my students' families struggled to stay warm in their homes and i realized that heat was something I took for granted

  3. 11/7 my siblings and the fact that they all get along well with Greg and that he gets along well with them

    11/8 An empty grocery store on a sunday evening after a busy weekend

    11/9 a clean kitchen and flannel sheets

  4. 11/10 Greg watched Madison so I could take a greatly needed nap

    11/11 Thankful for David. glad that i have a peaceful loving relationship now with him. We've come so far in a little over ten years

  5. 11/12 For my mom. she is struggling right now with her health. I am glad she is here, I am grateful that I have a good relationship with her.

    11/13 For my sisters boyfriend. He really stepped up to the plate and into the father role for my nephew and I know that its not easy

    For good friends who listen to all the stuff: good, bad, silly and otherwise

    For having plenty of food and not worrying about that like so many of my former students and their families had to.

    For day time naps

    11/17 For a full nights sleep after a long wakeful period