Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ezme is 2 weeks old

Ezme's second trip to the Pediatrician didn't bowed well today. Once again we are lacking in the weight department with just me. So I had to supplement almost from the very day I saw our Doctor last. Ugh! Anyways, Ezme is now up too 7 lbs 10 oz. So she is doing pretty good. We were hoping for a bit better, but things are what they are. I am sure when she really responds to the world, she will be just like her big sisters and big brother and eat like a moose! We will most likely be supplementing from now on. I will continue to nurse for as long as my body will allow. Such a bummer feeling, but I knew it would happen. I haven't been able to for any of my other kiddos, so I didn't expect Ezme to be any different. They are all fantastic with latching on, but my milk just never seems to come in well. We spend the week enjoying the Boston Common and even taking Ezme out Apple Picking. Busy little girl already. Here are some pictures of our outings over the last week or so. Enjoy.

Ezme snoozing while the older kids pick apples

Wearing Daddy's hat at the Boston Common

Snoozing at the common (week and a half old)

Not sure what we are doing this week. Jason will be going back to work soon, Girl Scouts will start up as well and lets not forget Mr. Big Man himself will be turning 2!! Hugs for now.

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