Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ezme Anabella Arrives!

I am proud to announce that the newest member of the Rodrigues' clan is finally here. After a long pregnancy, full of fun, excitement, worry and chaos. Our beautiful daughter has arrived. Ezme Anabelle Martin Rodrigues arrived by induction this evening at 5:25pm. She weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and was 20" long. She is by far my biggest and tallest baby. My labor was very intense and quick. Three hours from start to finish. She came out with the most beautiful set of blue eyes, and a full set of dark brown hair. I now know why I had the worse case of heartburn ever during the last 9 months!!!

The little ones will be arriving shortly to see there new baby sister. I am sure there will be lots of love to go around. The promise was that Emma-James would be the first to get to hold her. She has been waiting very patiently for what seems like FOREVER in her world for this little one to arrive.

I feel so blessed to have these kiddos in my life. I thank God everyday for all these blessings he has given me. Even Anabelle. I am sure she too would be a proud big sister.

Just before I delivered Ezme
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Ezme's first bow

Ezme minutes old

Look at all of her hair

Sleeping baby

Hope you enjoy the pictures! More to come I promise


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