Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

As always we were blessed to spend Christmas Eve with Jason's family this year. His Tia Noelia ever the gracious and wonderful host to have all of her family in her home. The kids have a wonderful time seeing family they don't normally get to see during the year. Everyone in the family and extended family treats our kids with such love and go above and beyond with Christmas presents. This year was no exception. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed everything they received. As always we want to give a huge thanks to Noelia and Tony for having us at your house. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Eve with their family and loved ones as much as we did with ours.

Here are some pictures we managed to capture. Enjoy!

Oliver and his cousin Nick. He refused to leave his arms and was content on staying with him

Emma-James and Ezme with Auntie Monique

Jason and I (Seriously, we are such a cute couple!!)

Holding baby Aiden...Oliver had just turned around and was getting ready to walk toward me. He was not amused by me holding a new little baby.

My funny "twins" Ezme and Oliver

Ezme delighted in the fact that Grandpa and Susan gave her candy and Vovo was very much willing to help her open it up!

Uncle Jaime on the Guitar

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