Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!! Amazing how 7 years have come and gone. I look at all the things that have come and gone through the years. The friends who stuck by me through my pregnancy, birth and passing of you. Many have left our lives, never to return. Some remember out of guilt. Others forget completely. Its hard that they don't honor, love, cherish, remember you as I do. The tears may not always be visible, the heartache I have with you not here might not always show. Its hard to have those forget about you sweet baby girl. To remember the love I had for you. The fight I gave you of every moment of every passing day until your last breath. The tears I shed for you and over you. I look at all you have missed in the last 7 years. Wondering if you peek down from heaven time to time to watch. Do you know of your baby sisters and brothers? Do you watch over them and love them as if you were still with us? Your big sister Olivia loves you unconditionally and talks about you often. Telling stories that only she can. The younger kiddos now talk to you as if they have known you forever.

Seven years ago I was blessed to be a mom for the second time. 7 years ago I knew that from the moment you were born my life would never ever be the same. I knew that my heart would never heal from losing you. I was one of the few lucky ones. I was able to hold you, kiss you, love you. I was able to enjoy the few moments, days and weeks I had with you before you left us. 7 years seems so far away but yet so close. 7 years of memories we made while you were here. And so many while you were gone. 7 years.....until we see each other again my little one. I love you.













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  1. My niece was born with Triploidy, which is a little different but basically has the same affects. She would have been one in May. She was alive for 43 minutes. I wrote a blog post about her short life. Im sorry for your loss but your daughter is certainly up in heaven. And shes perfect:)