Monday, September 26, 2011

The Girls at 2

I was really hoping to compare the girls at age 1 like I had done with the boys. Unfortunately, because of a fire near our apartment that forced us to evacuate we ended up loosing a lot of pictures of Olivia's first year. Jason had taken the hard drive out of the computer just in case our home caught fire Sadly, after we returned and started it back up, we lost everything. It was deviating. Thankfully, I was able to find a bunch of pictures of Olivia's 2nd year.

Olivia May 2

Emma-James Eileen 2

Ezme Anabella 2


*All the girls love to talk A. LOT. (much like there mommy)
*All the girls have/had curly hair (though Olivia's straightened out when she got older)
*All the girls are stubborn as heck
*All the girls enjoy to argue. Even Ezme at 2!!


*Ezme has a large birth mark on her bum in the shape of a heart.
*Olivia has always been the tallest kiddo in the family and still is
*Ezme has blond hair
*For the first 15 months Ezme's eyes were blue
*Olivia and Emma-James had brown eyes from birth

As they all get older and start truly finding who they are, its going to be very interesting to see how different and alike they really are. The one thing I do know is this. I love them all to bits and pieces and even though some days are harder then others and I am always tested. I wouldn't change a single thing. XoXo!

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