Monday, September 26, 2011

The Boys at 1

Owen Xavier

Oliver Sebastian


*They both have dark eyes
*They both have huge dimples on both cheeks
*They both love to smile
*They both love their sleep. 7pm-7am with naps during the day (mostly Oliver)
*They both LOVE their mommy and prefer me to Daddy
*They both love to cuddle
*They both are content to play by themselves all day


*Oliver has bigger ears then Owen
*Owen had and still has more hair then Oliver does
*Owen's hair is stick straight black hair
*Oliver's hair is light brown with blond streaks with curls
*Oliver at 1 weighed 5 pounds more then Owen did at 1
*Oliver was fully walking at 11 months where Owen walked at 14 months
*Owen slept through the night from day one where Oliver would wake up once or twice

Here are just a few similarities and differences I have seen between the boys. Its amazing how they can both be born from the same parents but be completely different in some ways and completely alike in others. It makes you wonder though. Does nature vs. nurture really play a role in how different your kids are from one another. I am almost 100% sure. As I look back and think there were things that happened during my pregnancy and after Owen arrived that didn't happen with Oliver. Just a thought.

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