Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Week Home!

The first few days have a breeze. Everly wakes up every 4 hours to eat and is nursing like a champ. She is the most laid back, easy going, content baby. She dropped her weight down to 5 lbs 5 oz. So we are closely watching her in the hopes she will catch up quickly. The kids are really adoring her. I spend so much of my pregnancy worrying about the what if's that I robbed myself of all the wonderful things to look forward too. So I am enjoying every moment I can. She has really molded herself well into our family and at only 3 days old. I couldn't ask for more!! Below is a picture of Emma holding Everly for the first time. The smile catches it all. She is 100% the mother hen.
First night sleep in the crib
Owen getting in a quick snuggle!
Happy Everly!
Loves her carseat!

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