Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oink, Cluck, Baah and Moo, Oliver and Ezme Turn 1 and 2!!

We enjoyed a fun (but slightly rainy) FARM THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY for Ezme and Oliver. The weather might not have been completely cooperative but the kiddos had fun and didn't even care that it was "raining on their parade"

The Invitations I Made (if you open the barn doors it had the party information inside!)

The Cow Cake Ezme Requested (decorated the day of the party. Not bad)

Ezme watching everyone hit the Cow Pinata. She thought this was the best part

Our guests

Pinata Fun

Pinata Fun

Ezme taking a try

Ezme and Oliver in the outfits I made for them for their Birthday!! They came out great didn't they!!

Another picture of the kiddos in their birthday attire

Ezme 2 Years Old

Oliver 1 Years Old

Just loved this shot of them at the waterfall in the backyard. So cute!!

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